ON THIS DAY IN 1861, a editorial said, “The Southern newspapers are very interesting reading about this time. The more judicious of them look with seriousness, if not with alarm, at the unparalleled change in Northern feeling; they do not affect to despise the resources at our command, and have a lively sense of the shock the South is destined to encounter. It will put to the test the question so often mooted, as to the danger to the South of the servile population within her borders. Southern men have declared that the Negroes may be relied upon to stand by their owners to the death, while a large class at the North believe that nothing is wanting but an invading army in the Southern States to cause a general Negro stampede, if not an insurrection, either of which will dissipate in the air hundreds of millions worth of property, and completely overturn the industrial system on which the prosperity of the South is based.”