Wanaka Farm (WANA): Price Updates, Recent Developments, Future Events, Community By DailyCoin

Wanaka Farm joins the list of a growing list of blockchain-based game platforms and has reached some remarkable feats in a relatively short period

In one month, Wanaka has announced three initial DEX (decentralized exchange) offerings (or IDO) on Poolz , Duckstarter , and Oxbull.Tech

Following the launch of smart contracts, Wanaka Farmers are eagerly anticipating the launch of staking on the network

In the last one month, WANA has been one of the top-performing projects, yielding an ROI of 70x

Wanaka Farm is an emerging blockchain-based game platform that has been in the news for many reasons. Since its launch in August, Wanaka Farm has yielded an ROI of 70x, making it the third-best performing crypto in the same period.