‘Montero’ album review: Lil Nas X proves himself as an innovator in emotionally raw album

Given the ubiquity of Lil Nas X, one might think he’s a couple albums into a career.

But “Montero” is indeed his studio album debut, a long-awaited curiosity following his 2019 EP, the 19-minute long, “7.”

While that collection personified a quick cash-in to capitalize on the inexplicable popularity of that puny parcel of inanity known as “Old Town Road,” “Montero” showcases a young man who hurts and feels, seeks and celebrates. In other words, an honest portrait of Lil Nas X at 22.

Fans have devoured a trio of tunes already released from the album: “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and its (for some) pearl-clutching video; “Industry Baby” with Jack Harlow; and “Sun Goes Down,” peppered with the sweet declaration, “I’m happy that it all worked out for me/I’m going to make my fans so proud of me.”