St. Pius star leading his team on and off the field

Marco Ybarra is the definition of a student-athlete. As star running back for St. Pius X, he has racked up 161 yards a game through four games this year, but believe it, or not his first love was not football. “I was a competitive gymnast for nine years, nationally ranked gymnast. Then from an injury IN MY wrist, I decided to make a transition over to football. Before every play, I think to touch just one-word touchdown,” Ybarra says. Now, he says he has found his home on the gridiron. “I knew I was going to be a St. Pius running back, and freshman year was when I decided to play college football.” He is a stud in the backfield anD a star in the classroom as the student body president. Ybarra says, “I try to get that football side of it, and also the student side, the student body president side, and try to merge them as much as I can.” Ybarra is getting looks from Ivy League schools for athletics and academics, but how does he do it? “I wake up at 6:40 am leave the house by 7:15 am—school from eight to three. Then I have practice from 3:45 pm to a little after 6 pm. Then I eat dinner, start homework right away, and hope I get to bed by like 10 or 11,” Ybarra says. It sounds like a lot, but Marco says it is all to leave a legacy for his teammates. “I want them to know that I was all in, in everything that I do on the field off the field. That I truly had a passion for everything that I was doing. If I did not, I would not be doing it,” Ybarra says.