I-Team: Tony Hsieh’s final months described as drug-addicted ‘psychosis,’ family fights claims to estate

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The family of late Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh claims some people in his inner circle allowed the former Las Vegas entrepreneur to enter into contracts even as his health deteriorated due to longtime substance misuse, court records said.

Hsieh died in a house fire in November 2020 in Connecticut. He was 46. In December, a judge named his father, Richard Hsieh, and brother, Andrew Hsieh, as special administrators to his estate since the entrepreneur did not have a will.

In the two lawsuits filed in February, Hsieh’s longtime assistant, Jennifer “Mimi” Pham, claims she is owed some of Hsieh’s “vast fortune” for work she performed on his behalf, documents said. The lawsuits estimated Hsieh’s wealth at $840 million.