Woman-Owned Seattle Bakery Coping Cookies in Last Week of Kickstarter Fundraising

Queer and woman-owned pop-up bakery, Coping Cookies is looking to expand their community with a brick and mortar location in Seattle. Founders Ashley Hernandez and Sam Padilla are in their final week of crowdfunding efforts on Kickstarter, with 29% left to go. If their goal is met, the funds will go towards equipment, space renovations, upfront material costs, and labor costs. View their kickstarter campaign here.

Ashley works in mental health as a Psych Advocacy Liaison and Sam Padilla works in physical health as a Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist. They began Coping Cookies during the height of the COVID-19 shutdowns as a way to be involved in the community and embarked on the journey of using gargantuan cookies as an educational vessel for social justice.