I was mistakenly added to the deed on my father-in-law’s house. What are the consequences for my family?

A few years ago, we moved my father-in-law, who has heart issues and early dementia, from his house in a large metropolitan area to our smaller community four hours away. He was able to sell his house there for much more than the house he bought in our community, however, the closing of his former house was delayed, so I ended up co-signing on his mortgage, which he paid off about a week later.

About six months ago, my wife and I refinanced our house and discovered that I was on the title of my father-in-law’s house, with 0% share. We needed to get proof of insurance for his house, and found out I was also listed on his insurance policy. The agent indicated I should consider keeping it that way, since it may come in helpful should he become incapacitated.