My brother bought out our shares of our mother’s cabin. We were required to sell at a discount. What happens to our mom’s 50% share?

My mother has four children. She is a wonderful mother, and my siblings and I are very close.

She has a reasonably comfortable retirement and is preparing her estate plan. She co-owns a lake cabin with my brother. It was originally my grandparents’ cabin and after their death, my mother and my brothers and sister and I purchased it together, with my mom owning 50% and the remaining four of us owning 12.5% each.

Ultimately, three siblings (including myself) needed to leave the ownership structure of the cabin for various reasons. My brother chose to buy us out. The stipulation of leaving the cabin required us to pay a 10% penalty, so he bought us out at our appraised share. He and my mom now own the cabin 50/50.