Is Will Smith Having a Meltdown—or Baring His Soul?

Will Smith’s id has always been extra. For 30 years, Hollywood’s resident Energizer Bunny has endeared onlookers with a shimmering career of summer jams, stirring blockbusters, and showy social media schemes melding self-help guruness and Travelocity stunts, all done with a seemingly joyful, overly enthusiastic Will Smithian pith that can cajole a smile out of even the most curmudgeonly faces.

In 2021, Smith’s entered a new era—one he’s called his “fuck-it 50s”—culminating in two new films, including , the story of Venus and Serena Williams’ father which just dropped in theaters and HBO Max, and a memoir titled Will detailing his upbringing, journey to global superstardom and, of course, sexual proclivities. In fact, we know a lot about the 53-year-old’s coital acumen. From his misguided desire to recruit a harem of twenty or so women to follow him around the world—a desire he learned, pretty quickly, would’ve been terrible not to mention expensive as hell—to adding color to the claims that he and superstar wife Jada Pinkett Smith share a non-monogamous love, and, as we learned earlier this week in a BuzzFeed excerpt from Will , his teenage years where Smith couldn’t bust a nut without upchucking.