Nebraska Guard leads key piece of shrunken ‘Global War on Terror’ in East Africa

“This day and age, commanders have a need for data,” Field said. “We have to have lots of communication types.”

In Djibouti, the climate is fierce and the geography forbidding — from desert to mountains, in a country the size of New Jersey.

Rainfall averages less than 5 inches per year. Summer daytime temperatures are well over 100 degrees from June into September. Oh, and it’s muggy, too.

“Africa throws the whole gamut of natural and meteorological challenges at us on a daily basis,” Field said.

The limited infrastructure in Djibouti poses a problem for Master Sgt. Lillie Chambers, who is the senior enlisted logistician for the task force. She is in charge of about 100 soldiers who must keep camps across the region supplied, by land and by air. The road network is poor.