Slog PM: A Huge Day for Organized Labor, Hope Solo Arrested on DUI Charges, Dua Lipa’s PR Person Hung Up on Me

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so no wonder the company ends up needing to cancel 120 flights on occasion, as it did this morning. According to the, the airline blamed a shortage of pilots after some pilots picketed at a hotel near the airport. The union blamed the cancelations on the bosses for failing to plan for “increased travel demand.”

I know that Conor already mentioned the historic win achieved by Staten Island Amazon workers in his labor column, but it’s worth saying a little more. This piece in The City tells the incredible story of Chris Smalls and Derrick Palmer forming the Amazon Labor Union after bosses fired Smalls and called him “not smart or articulate.” The independent union had a little bit of help from Unite Here and UFWC, but otherwise Smalls, Palmer, and other organizers worked to unite the nearly 6,000 workers at the warehouse without institutional help. Organizers “rallied workers on TikTok, bus stops and during picnics and pizza parties ahead of the vote last week,” and they overcame a $4 million union-busting campaign that included bosses calling the cops to arrest them for delivering lunch to workers on break. Incredible stuff.