Murphy Brown Is Unstreamable

Unstreamable is a column that finds films and TV shows you can’t watch on streaming services in the United States. Last week, we announced a few updates to the column, so check that out if you haven’t.


USA, 1988–1998, 30 minute episodes, Directed by Alan Rafkin

But if you do manage to track the show down, one of my favorite episodes is 1994’s “The Anchorman,” in which Jim decides to open a bar in the tradition of the old journalist watering-holes of his youth. (Like many aspects of the news industry, this is a now-vanished tradition: In decades past, reporters often had a particular bar where they would gather to talk shop and gossip — Lowell’s in Pike Place Market was once such a place.) Jim’s place is an instant hit, but it gradually dawns on him that its success is for reasons other than what he anticipated, and soon everyone receives an unexpected crash course in gay history.