Will Packer speaks: FAMU-grown Oscars producer reveals new details on Will Smith slap

The music industry is days away from the Grammys and all anyone is still talking about is the slap heard ’round the world at the Oscars.

Now, Will Packer is breaking his silence.

The Oscars producer and 1996 Florida A&M University graduate shed new light on the shocking incident in which Academy Award winner Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock.

During an interview with Good Morning America, Packer said he thought Rock was “going to kill” with an “amazing lineup of jokes.”

“He didn’t tell one of the planned jokes, but you can’t make it up,” Packer recalled, in the interview. “He was just immediately freestyling. But I tell you, if there’s anybody that you don’t worry about going out in front of a live audience and riffing off the cuff, [it’s] Chris Rock. Nobody’s better.”