Android 13 May Let You Connect to Two Carriers on a Single eSIM

For anyone tired of juggling SIM cards and eSIMs to switch between carriers, Google may have a solution on the way in Android 13: allowing multiple profiles on a single eSIM.

Google’s solution to allow multiple enabled profiles (MEP) was referenced in the Android Open Source Project and Android Developers website, which suggests it’s coming in the next big Android 13 update, according to a blog post Thursday by Mishaal Rahman, senior technical editor for Android developer platform Esper.

While allowing multiple profiles on a single eSIM card will make it far easier for folks who want to switch between carrier networks, it also cuts hardware costs, sparing the need to make space for one or two physical SIM cards. Instead, phone-makers could use the space to expand battery size or allow a slot for expandable storage via micro SD card (a feature frequently cut to save room for a physical SIM card).