🌱Sneaker Culture At Washington Square + Aloha Softball Warming Up

Posted Fri, Apr 1, 2022 at 5:21 pm PT Reply

Up and at ’em, Beaverton! Let’s get you started this Saturday with everything you need to know going on around Beaverton today.

First, today’s weather: More clouds than sun. High: 58 Low: 41.

Here are the top stories in Beaverton today: Washington County came out with their latest LUT News. Topics include a reminder that temporary signs are illegal in public right-of-ways within unincorporated Washington County. That includes candidate advertisements, garage sale, real estate and other signs. The agency notes that rules might be different in nearby municipalities; you’ll just have to check. Plan your month with help from The Reser Newsletter. A Whitebird presentation of a hip-hop dance group, Versa-Style Dance Company, and the world premiere of Gabriel Kahane’s “Magnificent Bird” are among the highlights of the upcoming month. And here’s the latest from the Beaverton Farmer’s Market: Turmeric is on the offering among the stalls this month — a yellow root that looks like (and is related to) ginger. It’s incredibly anti-inflammatory and has been a longstanding part of traditional/alternative medicine. Turmeric is also great for cooking — the mildly bitter flavor is essential to certain curry pastes and other savory dishes. It’s available from the Riverland Family Farms stall. Also new at the market: an 8:30 a.m. start time. (Beaverton Farmers Market NewsletterBeaverton Farmers Market Newsletter) Aloha softball is coming into the season swinging. Wade Evanson reports on the talented young team that’s looking to define rolls and build confidence. Find out how the students and their coach are strategizing to make the most of their time on the diamond at Pamplin Media Group (click here for a paid copy; click here if you have free access via WCCLS). There’s a new spot in the area to get exclusive sneakers. Hearth Kicks and Apparel in Washington Square is where to buy, sell and trade footwear. Get the lowdown on sneaker culture and the business owner who’s trying to make it more accessible with reporter Ayo Elise via KPTV.com. Today in Beaverton: