Trial of Nancy Crampton Brophy, Who Wrote an Essay Entitled ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ to Start In Oregon

Daniel Brophy’s family members have awaited justice for more than three years since he was gunned down while filling water and ice buckets in the kitchen of the now-defunct Oregon Culinary Institute in June 2018. Brophy’s wife, 71, a romance novelist who wrote an essay titled “How to Murder Your Husband” in 2011, has waited in jail.

The COVID-19 pandemic is largely to blame for the gap between Nancy Crampton Brophy’s 2018 arrest on suspicion of murdering her husband of 27 years and her murder trial, which is scheduled to begin Monday. Prosecutors say Crampton Brophy’s lawyers have used the pandemic in a number of attempts to wriggle out of the consequences of her alleged crime, from a motion to let her await trial in a guest house so she wouldn’t catch COVID in jail to another asking a judge to delay the trial on the grounds that older jurors more likely to view the defendant in a favorable light would likely skip jury duty for fears of catching the disease.