Haden Blackman steps down as head of 2K’s Hangar 13

Haden Blackman, the longtime head of Hangar 13, is stepping down from his role and leaving 2K. That’s a big change for the studio that has been making Mafia games for Take-Two Interactive’s 2K label.

Nick Baynes, studio head of Hangar 13 Brighton in the United Kingdom, will take over as the new head of the studio, 2K announced.

Blackman, a former LucasArts game creator, started Hangar 13 in Novato, California, in 2014. Blackman’s team oversaw the production of the acclaimed title Mafia III. It was a buggy game, but I loved the story. The studio also published a remake of the original Mafia trilogy. As it expanded, Hangar 13 opened a new studio location in Brighton, England, in 2018.