Google’s Android 13 Beta for TV adds a cool feature – but you can’t try it yet

In the aftermath of I/O 2022, Google is quietly rolling out Android 13 Beta 2 for TV which brings new features and quality-of-life (QoL) changes.

Be aware that the new beta is currently available to Android developers only as a way to test apps on the OS and provide feedback on them. However, there is a good chance that most, if not all, of the features listed will be making their way to your smart TV in the future.

The central theme of this new Android 13 beta for TV is about increasing customization options for users to adjust how they interact with the platform. A key new feature is picture-in-picture, which will dock a show to the side of the screen while you browse your smart TV’s menus. The idea is to allow people with big TVs to get the most out of their screens and improve multitasking.