It’s springtime, and that means Rhubarb

The light that shines in through the slit in the curtains is different this morning.

It’s vibrant and alive rather than stagnant and flat. It begs me to part the heavy cotton drapes aside. “Are you ready? Can I come in? It’s time to get up!” Yes, I am ready for these new longer days of sunny weather, for this quickly growing cover of leafy green, for the explosion of flowers, for time with my hands in the soil, for this life-giving time of year.

Now that the spring sunlight is present, there is work to do. I open the doors to the outside and expand my living borders. I check in on the mint to see if it’s poking up yet. Sure enough, the soft, fuzzy green leaves are emerging. If mint is up, rhubarb is not far behind. On market day, I get a handful of the first stalks and since we’ve been invited for supper tomorrow night, I’ll make a rhubarb dessert to take along.