Would You Like to See Some Cute Local Pets (Yes)

Ohhhhh hello kitties, and dogs, and pocket-pets of all shapes and sizes. Last weekend, The Seattle Humane Society celebrated its 125th year with a fundraiser and pet runway show featuring some VERY good creatures. Dogs with hats! Kittens with big wide eyes! Lots of licking and sniffing! Glorious. And as luck would have it, I brought a camera.

All told, attendees pledged $2.3 million to support Seattle Humane’s mission — serving animals and the people at the other end of the leash. The pandemic’s been a particularly trying time for all nonprofits, and Seattle Humane’s been through a lot of upheaval and change lately, with four new board members, a new CEO, and as of last month a new COO — all of whom have their work cut out for them.