Slog PM: 80% of 911 Calls Have Nothing to Do With Crime, Edmonds Outlaws Sleeping on the Street, Buybacks to Blame for Formula Shortage

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will run you $160,000 . Even with that down payment, you can expect to pay ~$3,400 on a 30-year mortgage. I must now remind people that I bought a home in the Central District for $70,000 in the not-too-distant year of 1998. (A 20-year adjustment to standard inflation places its value at around $120,000.) My down payment was $5,000. My mortgage, $600. I made less than $40,000 a year as a freelancer and adjunct lecturer. Those were the days for a young person in the arts. (Zillow presently places the value of that old house of mine at an unrealistic $800,000.)