Go to This Pop-Up Gallery Before the Building Gets Bulldozed and Turned Into Condos

huge fire in Ballard back in 2019 left a consignment store on 24th Ave NW and Market Street empty for nearly three years. The building is slated for demolition due to smoke damage, but before it bites the dust, Seattle artist Kyle Perry, who used to walk past the abandoned structure nearly every day on his way to work, wants to give it one last hurrah by turning into a temporary pop-up.

After securing the building owner’s blessing and a grant from the Office of Arts and Culture, Perry tapped dozens of artists to fill the 5,000 square-foot space with close to 100 works. The Ballard Pop-Up Gallery includes a gigantic mural by Stevie Shao, the irreverent photography of Maayan Haim, and giant, pillowy, faux clouds made by Debi Boyette. A bright pink backroom features Perry’s indoor immersive installation, replete with the sounds of cricket and mounds of (real) ferns and grass. Ballard Pop-Up Gallery closes on May 29, after which the building will be bulldozed to the ground and turned into new condos. Art-viewing in Seattle never felt so existential!