George Miller: ‘It’d Be Very Painful’ If MGM Debuted ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’ on Streaming

Amazon and MGM may have completed their $8.5 billion merger in March, but don’t expect to see “Three Thousand Years of Longing,” the fantastical love story from director George Miller, streaming on Prime Video on Aug. 31 when the film opens.

Miller is a true believer in cinema and the movie theatres that house them. “It would be very painful to know that your movie will be first seen on streaming,” he tells Variety .

“There’s a commitment that they can’t change. MGM will release it at the end of August in 2,000 cinemas. There’s been no deal that MGM has made to stream the movie. At this moment, it will be a theatrical release. Seeing it in that cinema [the Palais], with that sound, that group of people, and knowing every little bit of work that we put into it, will be available to the audiences.”