Slog PM: SCOTUS Organizes 2024 Coup, Inslee Tells State Cops Not to Cooperate in Abortion Cases, Blue Lives Matter Flag on a Suspected Bomb

As if things weren’t bad enough, today the Supreme Court agreed to hear in October, a case from purple North Carolina. The basic idea is this: The North Carolina General Assembly, which has a Republican majority, attempted to impose on the state a voting map that brazenly benefited the GOP. (We call this, of course, gerrymandering). The state’s Supreme Court, which has a Dem majority, blocked it, claiming the map broke a law that protected North Carolinians’ right to vote. The Supreme Court will, of course, rule in favor of the Republicans, and ultimately increase the power of state legislatures in matters concerning maps and voting rules during federal elections. Recall what happened in Pennsylvania in 2020. SCOTUSblog: