Primary Election Night 2022: Signs of a Red Wave or Nah?

Happy midterm primary election night, Seattle and the Greater Seattle Area! (And an extra special hello to all of you who’ve been pushed out of the city due to disaster gentrification. See ya soon!)

Will a bunch of progressive Seattle insiders graduate to the State Legislature, or will a bunch of progressive Seattle outsiders upset the bureaucrats?

Will the big bad red wave loom large over the state of Washington, or will it only lap the shores of the suburbs “with tremulous cadence slow,” as the late great 19th-century English poet Matthew Arnold would have it?? (Please do not mock us for making use of our humanities degrees on the blog.)

Speaking of red waves: Which flavor of Republican will take on milquetoast moderate Rep. Kim Schrier in central Washington’s 8th Congressional District?

Will the progressives and socialists challenging the establishment Democratic U.S. House Reps in western Washington prevail, or at least do a little better than last time?