Slog PM: Dick’s Fries May Taste a Lil’ Different, GameWorks Reopens Downtown, Alex Jones Is Fucked

We’re still in the post-election afterglow: Even though voter turnout was less than 25%—yikes. That number is so concerning, a KOMO strategist speculates we should change the primary date to someday in September or during the school year to capture more attention. Some races in the county are still settling, but our Stranger analysts’ major takeaway boiled down to: WHAT RED WAVE?????? Will explained today’s ballot drop earlier on Slog, so don’t miss that!

Oh god, I can’t look away: Like a plot straight out of a movie, Alex Jones’s lawyer apparently fucked up BIG TIME. Currently, the conspiracy theorist and Infowars host is being sued by two families of Sandy Hook victims for defamation after he repeatedly claimed the massacre wasn’t real. And today their lawyer revealed that Jones’s attorney had accidentally sent him two years of his client’s unredacted texts and emails. Those documents provide proof supporting the argument that Jones consistently lied under oath. The phone also outlined Jones’s long sought-after financials, showing that on several days in 2018, Infowars made over $800,000 per day, reports NBC News. Now the Jan 6 Committee wants a slice. Incredible.