El Paso Police responds to D.A.’s office accusations

In August, the County Jail Magistrate dismissed over 300 cases that were not indicted by the D.A.’s office on time based on Texas Statute that requires indictment in 180 days or less since the person’s arrest.

On August 15 the D.A.’s office sent KTSM a statement that one of the reasons for so many dismissals was that the cases were not presented to the D.A.’s office through DIMS.

DIMS is a case filing program between the D.A.’s office and El Paso Police Department that is supposed to help certain cases to be processed faster, in order benefit both EPPD and the D.A.’s office, according to Assistant Chief Zina Silva, who presented at the City Council’s meeting.

Cases that are eligible to be entered through DIMS program are usually misdemeanors and felonies that don’t fall under major crimes and the person has to be arrested on the spot of the incident.

D.A.’s statement regarding dismissed cases stated:

“The cases that are being dismissed under section 32.01 are mostly cases that were not

presented to the DA’s office through the DIMS process during the time period that the DIMS

agreement was being renegotiated in July, 2021. The new DIMS agreement was both signed

and utilized in January, 2022. The renewal of the DIMS agreement has led to an increase in the

number of cases filed this year.”

When asked by District 2 representative Alexandra Annello to comment on the D.A.’s office accusation during the City Council meeting, Zina responded that most of the dismissed cases