Australian tennis legend says Nick Kyrgios’ partner Costeen & supporters should WALK OUT of US Open

Nick Kyrgios’ ‘routine implosion’ and abuse at his box during his US Open win on Thursday was so bad an Aussie tennis legend has implored the members of his support team to ‘walk out’ if his abuse continues.

Kyrgios beat Frenchman Benjamin Bonzi 7-6 (3), 6-4, 4-6, 6-4 to advance to the third round in what can only be described as a rollercoaster encounter.

The animated Aussie complained marijuana smoke was coming from the crowd, received a code violation for abusing his own supporters and was warned for ‘disgustingly’ spitting on the court – yet still managed to play breathtaking tennis at times.

Kyrgios’ habit of taking out his frustrations on his own supporter box earned the ire of Aussie tennis legend Todd Woodridge, who said it’s obviously not their fault when he begins to unravel on-court.

‘At some point the people who are sitting in his players box need to take some action,’ Woodbridge said on the Channel 9 broadcast.

‘That action should probably be standing up and walking out. They’ve got nothing to do with what goes on on the court. That is up to Nick.’

Woodbridge’s reaction led to one fan writing: ‘Time to once again play America’s favorite game, “How much of their self-respect are the people in Nick Kyrgios’ box willing to give away?”‘ on social media.

After winning the first two sets with relative ease, Kyrgios began to unravel, losing the third set to a determined Bonzi.

He swore at his support team several times, shaking his head and gesticulating wildly