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Leak ruins NASA moon rocket launch bid; next try weeks away

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA has called off a second launch attempt for its new moon rocket because of yet another fuel leak. The test flight is now off for at least a few weeks, if not months. Mission managers decided after Saturday’s scrub to haul the 322-foot rocket back into the hangar for further repairs and system updates. It’s the second delay this week for the most powerful rocket ever built by NASA. The first failed launch attempt on Monday was also troubled by escaping hydrogen. NASA has been waiting years to send the crew capsule atop the rocket around the moon with test dummies, before astronauts take the next flight.

How Archives went from ‘National Treasure’ to political prey

WASHINGTON (AP) — Never before has the National Archives and Records Administration been caught up in a criminal investigation of a former president. Yet that’s exactly where the agency finds itself after sending a referral to the FBI stating that 15 boxes recovered from former President Donald Trump’s Florida home in January contained dozens of documents with classified markings. Archives workers operate away from the public eye, behind the marble façade of its building in downtown Washington where they stand as guardians and custodians of American history. Today, the institution of record-keepers faces threats and a looming Senate confirmation hearing for President Joe Biden’s nominee to be the next archivist could get com