Artemis I SLS-Orion Spacecraft Launch May Not Be Possible This Month, NASA Says

NASA’s Artemis I moon rocket launch — the US space agency’s second attempt to send its lunar rocket to the moon — was halted for the second time on Saturday, after a fuel leak was detected. According to NASA, the launch will not take place on the next planned date of September 6, which means the next launch window could be between September 19 and October 4, or in the second half of October. Artemis I, the agency’s first step towards putting humans back on the Moon, will test the journey to Earth’s only natural satellite before humans attempt the journey.

In a press conference after the Artemis I SLS-Orion spacecraft launch was halted on Saturday, NASA stated that it will not attempt to launch the spacecraft during the current launch window which ends on September 6. The US space agency stated that it halted the launch after a leak near the base of the rocket was detected ahead of the launch, while liquid hydrogen was being pumped into the rocket.

NOW: @NASAArtemis teams provide an update on the status of the #Artemis I flight test to the Moon following the Sept. 3 launch attempt. — NASA (@NASA) September 3, 2022

According to Jim Free, NASA Associate Director for Exploration Systems Development, the next possible launch window is September 19 to October 4. If NASA is unable to make a third attempt at launching the rocket by then, the next window will be October 17 to October 31, he said.

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