Employees are losing hundreds of hours to old-school ways of working

A new report from Adobe has revealed the extent of the impact of inefficient work practices on UK businesses.

Based on a survey of 1,500 employees, the report states that despite the shift towards hybrid working and online collaboration , many large firms are failing to adapt their operations to meet new ways of operating.

With a continued reliance on paper-based practices, Adobe says the slow evolution of the digital workplace is impacting three core areas: costs, productivity , and sustainability.

Examining employee attitudes and beliefs at large UK organizations, Adobe found that they collectively lose more than 28 days each year on “low-value paperwork”. This includes time-consuming activities like printing , scanning, stapling, and manually signing documents rather than using esign software .

Of those surveyed, employees in financial services lose the most to time-consuming manual processes, wasting a full 43 days each year. Public sector workers, meanwhile, proved most productive, losing just 22 days annually.

Paper-based practices are also proving a drain on office costs. The Acrobat DC developer revealed that printing alone costs businesses an estimated £490 per employee.

However, some UK firms are attempting to rein in printer use, as part of push towards greener business processes. Of the employees surveyed, 34% said printer access has been restricted, 31% report restrictions on accessing stationery, while 25% say their company’s stationery cupboard has been e