Alpena Takes on A Pub Crawl – WBKB 11

The 11th Annual Alpenopoly began yesterday at 5:30 pm and ended at 10 pm. We went out to see how Downtown Alpena liked it by talking to some of the Pub Crawlers,

Bridget Hollinshead said “It’s been a lotta fun yeah” and Lauren Mantlo said “yeah drinks and the foods been good.”

Hollinshead and Mantlo also talked about the bars they had been to already and the ones they needed to get to make it to seven, “Our first stop was the courtyard, and we went to Joe’s bar, and then Red Brick, Nowicki’s, we’re about to head into to HopSide, yup and then we still have to hit Latitudes, and Players.”

The Back to the 80’s theme was in affect and the Co-Owner of HopSide Brewery, Tyler Greenway, didn’t hold back on his costume, we asked what it’s like to be one of the bars to be included in the pub crawl

“We are just celebrating our one year anniversary so we’re kind a new to the whole scene but normally we’re participating in it. Now we’re on the other side of the aisle now, and we’re getting to partake in the festivities” said Greenway.

We also asked Greenway on his thoughts about the pub crawl and how it affects the community, “Yeah it’s good for the community, gets people out and about, and getting out on a weekday while the weather’s still nice to enjoy downtown.”