The Absolute Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now

In 2022 Netflix has really stepped things up when it comes to documentaries. That’s why we’ve made this list. These are our picks for the best documentaries on Netflix.

We’re starting with the the best new documentaries released this year, because there are many of them. After that we’ve divided the remainder of our picks by genre for your convenience.

Good luck and happy watching!

Netflix Skateboarding as a sport makes for a great documentary topic. Dogtown and Z Boys, All That Mayhem — absolutely legendary. Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story is another in a long line of classics. It focuses on Leo Baker, the skater who came out as trans and had to quit competing at the Olympics in the process. Amazing, must watch stuff.

Netflix Untold is the latest from the folks behind Wild Wild Country.

It’s a sports documentary series, with each episode going in-depth on controversial sports topics. The first episode focuses on Malice at the Palace, the notorious basketball match where Ron Artest waded into the crowd and wailed on fans back in 2004.

Untold is now in its second season and it is absolute must watch stuff. The new episodes are arguably better than the stellar first season. Maybe the best sports documentary series on Netflix

Netflix Netflix has been on fire with its documentaries lately, and The Most Hated Man on the Internet is the latest. From the producers of Tinder Swindler and Dont F**k with Cats, it’s a three-part documentary that tells the story of Hunter