Manuel Abramovich’s Pornomelancolía’ Bows in San Sebastian Main Competition

Selected for main competition, “Pornomelancolía” premiered at San Sebastián over the festival’s first weekend. A Latin American buzz title at the festival last year when it played in pix-in-post section WIP Latam, “Pornomelancolía” opens a window onto the behind-the-scenes life of a porn influencer, Lalo. But, Argentine director Manuel Abramovich – who won the 2019 Silver Bear at Berlin with his short film “Blue Boy” – told Variety , “Pornomelancolía is not a film about pornography, it is a film about how we face the gaze of others.”

“Pornomelancolía” was formed as part of 2018’s Ikusmira Berriak, a residency program in San Sebastian which is one of Spain’s foremost development labs. The film is lead produced by Gema Films in Argentina, with Brazil’s Desvia Filmes, Bordeaux-based Dublin Films and Mexico’s Marthfilms. Luxbox handles international sales; Filmin will handle distribution in Spain.

The film is about the private life of a public figure. How did you go about finding the right tone to create such an intimate story about such a public aspect of Lalo’s life.

In my films, I am interested in reflecting on the different characters we play in order to live – and survive – in society, in families, or institutions. I am interested in inviting people to become characters, to explore those fictional spaces that we create in our own lives. These are works based on trust and collaboration that seek to find ways to stage intimacy.

‘Pornomelancolía’ is not a documentary about