A uniquely American love story

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — It’s a story of two strangers from opposite sides of the world united by their pursuit for a better life. For Consuelo and Kishor Kumar, diversity has turned into a story of love.

The couple laugh when they remember how it all started.

“It never crossed my mind I would marry a different culture,” said Kishor. “When I told my family she’s from Guatemala, they start looking in the map. ‘Where is Guatemala? It’s there somewhere.’ Turning the map. They had never seen it.”

Kishor’s family was already looking for a wife for him, but life had other plans. The home Kishor and Consuelo have built together tells the story.

In a twist on the tale of high school sweethearts, Consuelo and Kishor went from being classmates at an English school for adults in the San Fernando Valley to building a life and raising children over the course of 30 years.

“The teacher said ‘Okay, you sit with her,’ and that was the first time,” said Kishor. “And it’s a true story, you know?”

Instead of just learning English, they learned each other’s native language as well. Over time, they’ve also developed an appreciation for one another’s cultures.

Despite their differences, they realized they had much more in common.

“I think that is the reason we had that connection,” said Consuelo. “Because I came alone and he was alone, too. He didn’t have family and I didn’t have family.”

Bothe knowing how lonely chasing the American Dream can be, they decided to help each other achie