SoCal FBI agent on trial for bribery, accused of taking $10K a month from corrupt lawyer

A long-time FBI agent is on trial for allegations he accepted bribes amounting to $10,000 a month to provide security information to a corrupt lawyer.

Babak Broumand worked for the FBI for 20 years. Now he faces charges of bribery in a six-count federal indictment.

Prosecutors say he gave out national security information for his own personal profit.

He sat in court Tuesday clutching what appeared to be prayer beads as he listened.

“He risked it all to have it all,” a prosecutor said. He added that the agent took an oath to defend the United States and he betrayed the oath for money.

The key in this case is Edgar Sargsyan – a Beverly Hills attorney who allegedly paid someone else to take the bar exam in his name.

The government says Sargsyan made a fortune through credit-card fraud and he needed protection.

It claims he surrounded himself with corrupt law enforcement. He met with them at a private smoking members-only club called The Havana Room in Beverly Hills.

The government claims Sargsyan paid Broumand $10,000 a month. Sargsyan has since pled guilty to five federal crimes.

Others caught up in this include former Glendale police detective John Balian and Homeland Security agent Felix Cisneros.

The government says it all started to unravel when Sargsyan was pulled over in Burbank because his vehicle didn’t have a license plate.

A Burbank officer testified that at the time he was shown an FBI placard that had Broumand’s business card. The officer then called the