American Red Cross sends volunteers from Missouri to help with disaster relief

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Disaster relief is on its way to Puerto Rico, Alaska and parts of the West Coast as recent storms and fires impact millions of people.

So the American Red Cross has sent volunteers from Missouri and Arkansas to help these people impacted.

“Right now between California, Alaska and Puerto Rico, we’ve got about 19 volunteers who are either already on the ground, or in route,” American Red Cross executive director for the Greater Kansas City and Northwest Missouri chapter JoAnn Woody said.

Hurricane Fiona made landfall at Puerto Rico on Monday, flooding the island and resulting in mudslides in addition to power being out.

“The most critical activity they’re going to be providing is working in shelters to support either the local teams that have already established shelters or maybe it’s a Red Cross managed shelter,” Woody said.

Typhoon Merbok brought heavy flooding to coastal Alaska, washing away buildings and cold winter temperatures soon will make flooding, supply deliveries and air travel more difficult,

“The Red Cross regions, our chapters across the country, they’re checking with their volunteers and asking everyone to please take a look at their personal schedules, and see what their availability might be in one of the activities they’ve trained in, so that we have a steady stream of volunteers who are available to deploy as they are called or needed,” Woody said.

And residents in California, Oregon and even Colorado have evacuated because of the he