Has Liz Truss handed power over to the extreme neoliberal thinktanks? | George Monbiot

Who chose Liz Truss? Conservative party members, of course. Who are they? Disproportionately rich, white, older men living in the south of England. But there are some members whose profile we have no means of knowing. They don’t live in the UK, have never been residents or citizens here and have no right to vote in our elections. Astonishingly, since 2018 these foreign members have been permitted to determine who the UK prime minister should be.

The Conservative party’s rules of association are an open invitation to anyone who wants to mess with our politics. There seems to be nothing to stop agents of another government from registering as members with Conservatives Abroad. Nor, it seems, is there anything to stop one person (or one botswarm) applying for multiple memberships. So much for the party of patriotism, sovereignty and national security.

This open invitation, to judge from the little information we can glean, has yet to be fully exploited. Perhaps foreign governments haven’t yet realised what a golden opportunity they’ve been given. Perhaps they simply can’t believe how irresponsible the Tories are.

But we don’t need to suggest a campaign by another state to see Truss as a kind of Manchurian Candidate, subverting what remains of our democracy on behalf of undemocratic interests. As a rule, the more loudly a politician proclaims their patriotism, the more likely they are to act on behalf of foreign money. Every recent Conservative prime minister has placed the in