Suspect in Santa Ynez homicide arrested in Santa Cruz Tuesday night

SANTA YNEZ, Calif.– 36-year-old Rylen Quinn Svane-Morris was arrested by Santa Cruz Sheriff Deputies Tuesday night for the Oct. 8 murder of 72-year-old Terry Wilson in Santa Ynez.

Santa Cruz Deputies received a tip on the suspect following the release of his identity to the public and where able to arrest him for the outstanding warrant in Santa Barbara.

Responding deputies were also able to obtain the stolen car Svane-Morris used to evade arrest.

Svane-Morris will be booked and held without bail at at the Northern Branch Jail for the outstanding warrant, while additional charges could be added for the stolen vechile from a Santa Ynez residence.

While the cause of death and possible motive of the suspect still remain unknown, it doesn’t appear random.

Svane-Morris was in a former dating relationship with Wilson’s daughter, according to sheriff’s spokeswoman Raquel Zick.