LETTER: Nevada has a new state flower — or weed

I am a born-and-raised Las Vegan who loves our state and our city. Having said that, our new state flower — the traffic cone — is growing out of control on the city’s streets and highways. I have seen miles of roadway littered with these weeds and no construction or even workers are ever present. This has grown far out of control, and something must be done about it.

I commute from the far north of the valley to near the airport, and there is not one road or highway that I take that is free of these nuisances. While I appreciate that workers should be kept safe from traffic, and that lane reductions are a part of modern society, the lack of work being done near these cones and closures is creating massive jams, causes immense pollution and wastes outrageously high-priced gasoline. It’s ridiculous.

Find somewhere else to store the new state flower other than on our streets.