10 baby name trends for 2023: report

Naming a baby could be a decision that may have a lifelong impact.

It’s a big reason why parents may turn to books and online resources to find a fitting baby girl or boy name for their upcoming bundle of joy.

Nameberry, one the world’s largest baby names websites, has published a name forecast for 2023, which identified 10 trends that’ll likely become prevalent as new and seasoned parents welcome babies into their lives.


“We look at data on name popularity in the U.S. and around the world, along with internal data on which names people are searching the most,” said Pamela Redmond, Nameberry co-creator and author. “This includes current data along with past data, so we can see statistically accurate trends.”

Redmond, who’s based in New York City, has co-written the Nameberry book series that the website is based on.

“With our first book ‘Beyond Jennifer & Jason,’ published in 1988, we literally invented the idea of baby name trends,” Redmond told Fox News Digital. “That was the first work ever to look at style in names – what’s coming in, what’s heading out, which categories will pop in the future.”

Nameberry examines pop culture, celebrity culture, society and world events to determine each factor’s influence on baby name trends, according to Redmond.

Nameberry says opulent names that have roots in mythology, legends, history and fantasy lore will likely see a rise in 2023 due to the popularity of shows like “Bridge