EDITORIAL: Review-Journal endorsements in select legislative races

The Legislature is solidly Democratic — a 13-8 edge in the Senate and a 26-16 lead in the Assembly — and will likely remain so, given the majority recently imposed new advantageous legislative boundaries. As a result, many districts are not politically competitive.

But a handful of races could go either way and determine if Democrats snare a supermajority or the GOP gains enough ground to become relevant in the 2023 session.

In Senate District 9, Republican Tina Brown faces incumbent Democrat Melanie Scheible, a former prosecutor who served in violation of the state’s separation of powers clause. Ms. Brown is a real estate agent who appreciates the importance of a favorable tax and regulatory climate. She supports more educational options for Nevada parents. Tina Brown is our choice.

In Senate District 8, incumbent Democrat Marilyn Dondero Loop faces a challenge from one of her former kindergarten students, Joey Paulos, a Republican. Ms. Dondero Loop is a reliable vote for the education establishment. Mr. Paulos, a former gaming executive, argues that the Clark County schools are “failing our kids” and advocates for more choice. He criticized recent sessions as too “anti-business.” We urge a vote for Joey Paulos.

In Assembly District 2, incumbent Republican Heidi Kasama faces Democrat Nick Christenson, an information tech consultant. Ms. Kasama wants to increase incentives to attract more health care providers and embraces education reforms such as Read by 3. Mr. Christen