Albuquerque police overview crime trends since COVID-19 pandemic

Albuquerque has seen changing trends in crime since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Albuquerque police have targeted gun violence and the rising number of people on our streets as two problems that need to be addressed. However, they also say the trends aren’t Albuquerque-specific. Law enforcement agencies are looking for ways to address homelessness.”It’s an issue that we’re all dealing with, and we’re all trying to find ways to deal with it. There have been questions about us being able to enforce some of our ordinances with homeless individuals on private property,” Albuquerque police Chief Harold Medina said. Chief Medina says Albuquerque police are working with Mayor Tim Keller to enforce the law fairly. They’re also working on the rising trend of gun violence, something they also believe is a national trend.Albuquerque police spokesperson Gilbert Gallegos said, “we have 105 victims and 98 cases right now. At this point last year, we were at 91 victims.””There’re very few agencies seeing a reduction in homicides, and many are still seeing increases in homicides,” Medina said. In 2020, which was the start of the pandemic, Albuquerque police reported 76 homicide victims. In 2021 the city broke its homicide record with 116 victims, and as of Oct. 21 of this year, the department is reporting 105 homicide victims. Not all of these victims were due to gun violence. “We’re all very concerned coming out of the pandemic and the number of guns that are in the community. Someth