Drake and 21 Savage Collabs, Ranked

Out of all of Drake’s frequent collaborators, he and 21 Savage have the best synergy. The two have an impressive track record that demonstrates their ability to bounce off one another and complement each other’s flows, even though they both have distinctly different rapping mechanics. So naturally, when they announced that they were dropping a collab album, Her Loss, it made perfect sense.

“Niggas ain’t paying each other for verses,” 21 Savage’s manager Meezy told Druski on Clubhouse back in January. Their priceless relationship has been fostered over several years, with Drake and Savage first teaming up on his 2016 track “Sneakin.” The songs served as proof of concept and showed that the two had special chemistry. After connecting again on “Mr. Right Now” off of Savage’s 2020 album Savage Mode 2 , the two rappers struck gold twice with “Knife Talk” and “Jimmy Cooks , ”two songs that give a clear picture as to why they rarely miss when teaming up.

Savage thrives in the trenches when he raps about unique ways to dispose of his enemies, while Drake lives in his own head and raps like a paranoid mob boss. Drake is stressing about his cleaning staff plotting extortion on him, while Savage is thinking about which river to throw them in. The way they balance each other’s energies is a detail they both benefit from.

Drake gravitates toward Atlanta rap and does well when tapping into that sound, so this feels like a natural next step. He and the Migos have gone on tour together an