How to Change Field of View (FOV) in Overwatch 2

FOV determines how much area you can see in front. You can change the FOV in the game to see more area and not have limited vision. You can change the Field Of View in Overwatch 2 to have a more vertical and horizontal vision. Overall, this improves your gameplay experience on Overwatch 2. But the question is how you can do so. This article will guide you in changing your Field Of View in Overwatch 2.

As we have already discussed, changing your FOV enhances your overall gameplay. You get a better view of all the things in your surroundings. A wider FOV means you will have more view of what’s going on in the game, while a narrow FOV means you will be less distracted by the surrounding. It is important to adjust the Field Of View before starting the game.

To change the Field Of View on Overwatch 2 on your PC, follow the steps given below-

On the Overwatch 2 home screen, press the Esc button to access the Main Menu of the game.

From the menu, click on Options .

Now, click on the Video option from the left sidebar.

Here, look out for the Field Of View slider. Drag the slider to the left to decrease FOV and to the right to increase FOV.

Once you have set the FOV as per your requirements, click on Apply .

Now, go back to the game, and you can play with the FOV you have set.

Changing FOV on Overwatch 2 is only possible for PC users. Overwatch 2 does not have the option to change FOV on consoles. If you are playing Overwatch 2 on consoles like Xbox, PlayStation 4, PlayStatio