Local small business owner bringing glimmer of joy to her Ukrainian hometown during holiday season

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — There has always been a lot of laughter at Neostyle Salon in Las Vegas as owner Olga Roselle cuts and styles hair, but, as she nears the winter holidays, a darker feeling has seeped into her mood.

She was born in Novoazovsk, Ukraine which has been one of thousands of villages decimated by Russia’s full scale invasion.

Her family still there will soon celebrate their first holidays since the invasion began and Russia occupied their town near Mariupol.

“It was a beautiful town,” Roselle said through tears. “The beaches, and my hope was to take my son when he turned 16 to show him where I come from, but I will never be able to do that anymore.”

In her native Russian language, Roselle told her family she loves and misses them.

“My one cousin, she’s very involved in the church,” she said. “She feels like it’s her place. She can’t just leave.”

Novoazovsk’s churches have become a humanitarian network since the war’s start, feeding and housing the victims of unspeakable violence, and ahead of the holidays Roselle said she needs to help them out.

“For the longest time, I had almost a survivor’s guilt watching them there and having my life here that is not even comparable to what they’re going through,” she said, “but now I understand there’s a reason why I’m here.”

Roselle has pledged 20% of proceeds from every new customer requesting non-chemical work to her home town through the holidays.

She said donations are nice, but she primarily wants to cut or styl