iOS 16.2 will bring 5G support to iPhones in India starting next week

After iOS 16.1 rolled out last month, Apple started to test iOS 16.2, both with developers and the public enrolled into its beta program. Today the company has confirmed to that next week’s beta build of iOS 16.2 will finally include 5G support for iPhones in India, on Airtel and Jio.

This comes after a lot of pressure from the Indian government, following the launch of 5G services in the country on October 1. Apple previously stated that the final version of iOS 16.2 is due to go out to all supported devices in December.

In the meantime, if you want to test the 5G functionality in India, you can head over to the beta program website and enroll your device. You’ll then receive the current beta, and next week you should get the new build which enables the high-speed connections.

All this said, do note that these beta builds might have bugs and things that just don’t work in them, so if you’re sensitive to that it’s best to simply wait for the stable release occurring next month, after all the issues will have been ironed out.