Five municipalities have been added to the Edgerton Fire Protection District

FULTON (WKOW) — Local leaders took a step forward to keep Rock County residents safe Wednesday night.

10 municipalities have voted to add five more towns to the Edgerton Fire Protection District. Fire Chief Pickering says after dealing with staffing shortages, this could strengthen the fire district and protect more citizens.

“Every emergency services entity, police, fire, EMS, is really struggling. The labor pool is really shallow right now,” Chief Pickering said.

Pickering and local leaders have been collaborating for the past 18 months to tackle the staffing shortages among first responders.

“What it’s designed to do is make sure there’s really two things, response time and depth, that we have the quickest response time we can over the broadest area we can,” Pickering said. “When we have two, three, four calls at once [we can] make sure that everybody gets that same level of service.”

“Our citizens and everybody living in our municipalities can rest assured that they’re going to have a high-quality fire and EMS service provided for many, many years to come,” Anissa Welch, city of Milton Mayor, said.

“We’ll be able to share resources, both with equipment and staff, internally within one department,” Bryan Meyer, town of Milton Chair, said. “Rather than always having to rely for help outside of the department.”

With Wednesday’s official approval of the addition to the Edgerton Fire Protection District, new fire stations will be built in Milton spread out in the most