“No panic, we got a great team” | Bills rally around one another amidst loss to Jets

“I’m going to tell you the truth, I love the kid,” OL Dion Dawkins said. “Josh is always going to put it on himself when it’s really not himself. So, I ride for him to the end of this world, and we love Josh. And it’s not about Josh, it’s not about the center, it’s not about the running back, it’s not about the Diggs, it’s the whole unit. We win, we lose, as a group.”

After playing with Allen for three seasons now, WR Stefon Diggs knows how hard he can be on himself when plays don’t go his way.

“One thing I know about Josh, and as you can see what kind of player he is, he leads us the best way he knows how,” Diggs said. “He makes a lot of plays out there. So, rallying behind him at a time like this – I mean, turnovers are gonna happen. You hate ’em, but shit does happen.”

For the couple of bad plays Allen felt he had, Diggs credited him for making a lot of great throws and running the ball. But with another game to look forward to next Sunday, Diggs is confident that Allen is going to shake this loss off.