Republicans hold key North Carolina Senate seat

The state’s other GOP senator, Thom Tillis, has styled himself as a bipartisan deal-maker since his reelection in 2020 — another prime pick-up opportunity for Democrats that was crushed by a sex scandal and a stronger-than-expected showing by Trump.

In his victory speech, Budd thanked Tillis for everything he’s “done for our state” and said he “cannot wait to partner with [him] in the U.S. Senate and do great things for our state and for our country as well.”

Stung by that loss, national Democrats prioritized Senate races in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and a handful of other states over North Carolina this midterm season. But as polls showed a tight race in the final stretch, state Democrats urged the party to send any resources possible.

Beasley during the campaign zeroed in on Budd’s support for abortion restrictions and his ties to Trump, including his vote against the certification of the 2020 election. But it wasn’t enough. Budd continued to hammer Beasley and Democrats over inflation, immigration and crime while securing a critical boost from Trump on the campaign trail.

“Mr. President, I also can say we’re ready to stop the Biden-Beasley agenda and make America great again,” Budd said alongside Trump at a rally in Wilmington.

On Election Day, he encouraged people to vote in a series of tweets, documenting his travels throughout North Carolina to speak with voters.

“Made a few more stops where I met with folks who are ready to stop the Biden/Beasley agenda,” Budd twee